2019 Year in Review

2019 was another great year at Triple Three Outfitters. In late January, Guide Adam Todd and I travelled to Harrisburg PA to again set up a booth at the Great American Outdoor Show. We had a great week talking with new hunters and reminiscing with past clients from the area. We look forward to hosting many of the new clients that we met at the show.

When we returned home, the snow was falling and we got into lion hunting mode. Our first hunter was Dr. Matt from WY. Matt harvested a great tom with his bow on the first day of his hunt. Next up was repeat client Jonathan from MS. He also took a great lion.

As the snow melted and spring finally arrived, so did returning turkey hunter and friend Kevin and wife Shannon from PA. Kevin and I each harvested big gobblers and spent a few days shed hunting. The next week we hosted father and son Dieter and Evan from UT on their first ever turkey hunt. They each took 2 gobblers and had a great time.

The green grass showed up in late May as we started our prairie dog shoots. We hosted mostly returning clients along with a few new ones as well. The dog shooting was as good as it gets!

With a busy summer of guests and our daughter Sydney's rodeo and fair schedule, archery season was fast approaching. We quickly got all of our antelope blinds set and our Hazel Park and TTT Camps ready for hunters. With camps ready, my brother Matt from Pa and I spent a week with guide Adam Todd, owner of Blacktooth Excursions at his fishing camp in the high country of the Bighorn Mountains. We had the absolute best week of fly fishing that either of us have ever had. The scenery was spectacular and the fishing was even better. Check it out at www.blacktoothexcursions.com

Archery antelope started in early September with returning clients Blake and Chris from SC, and father and son Marvin and Jay from PA and IA in camp. All harvested great bucks in 3 days and Blake also took home a cow elk.

The next week, guide Ryan Afman and I headed to our Hazel Park camp to chase elk with MD hunters Steve and Dan. The bulls were talking and we had several close calls but in the end, the elk won this time. Steve and Dan came prepared and we had a great week on the mountain.

We then headed to our TTT camp. We hosted hunters Brian from NC, Tim from OR, John and Sue from OH, and Bruce from KS. What a great week of hunting. Brian and Tim both took great 6X6 bulls with guide Adam and I, Bruce harvested a cow with guide Aaron, and John and Sue each took home great antelope bucks and cow elk with guide Ryan.

On the next hunt at our TTT camp we were joined by Robbie from SD, returning client Dale from CA, returning client Artie from NJ, and Brian from PA. Robbie and Dale both harvested great 6X6 archery bulls with guides Adam and Aaron. Artie took a great mule deer and antelope buck with me and Brian took his first antelope with guide Ryan.

Our last archery hunt of the season was a great week. We hosted Steve and Eli from IN, Tom from MN, and Bob from OH. Steve took our biggest archery bull of the year with a great 6X6 with guide Adam. Eli harvested a great mule deer buck with guide Raoul, Tom harvested a cow elk at 6 yards with me and Bob took his first antelope buck and doe with guide Ryan.

After such a tremendous archery season we were ready to put the bows away and get the rifles out. Our first group at the home camp were returning clients and longtime friends Marvin, Roy and Kim from PA, father and son Mike and Michael from GA, Mark from WI, and Mitch from TX. Mark and Mitch each harvested great antelope bucks on opening day. Roy took his best ever mule deer and a great antelope with guide Ryan. Marvin took a great mule deer buck on the second day with me. Mike and Michael both took great mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Raoul to finish up the week.

The 2nd hunt at the home camp included father and son Tom and Jeremy from PA, father and son and returning clients Greg and Tyler from TX, father and son Larry and Dan from PA and Danny from MS. Danny started the hunt off with a great antelope buck with guide Ryan. Greg and Tyler each took great mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Raoul. Tom and Jeremy took home big mule deer and antelope bucks with the help of guide Chad. Larry and Dan made quick work of their hunt each harvesting trophy antelope bucks in two days.

We ended the first rifle season with 3 generations of the Savage family from PA. Grandpa Carl, son Steve, and grandkids Bailey and Mallory all took great antelope bucks on the first morning of the hunt with guide Ryan and myself. It's always cool to see 3 generations hunting together.

Rifle elk season opened at our TTT camp with returning clients Ed and Scott from PA, Carl and Corey from TX and Jeff from NV in camp. Corey started things off with a heavy 6X6 with guide Aaron. Ed followed a half hour later with a big 6X6 with guide Bob. Jeff took a cow and Scott finished off the day with a great 6X6 just before dark with me. Carl finished the hunt with an awesome non typical bull we called the "Club Bull" with guide Adam. The "Club Bull" must be 10 years old as we have seen him fully mature for the last 4 seasons.

For our second rifle season, we hosted father and son Brad and Wade from PA, father and son Duane and Owen from PA, and husband and wife Jamie and Melissa from NY at our home camp. Jamie and Melissa both took their first antelope bucks with guide Ryan. Duane and Owen each harvested great mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Chad. Brad and Wade both took their first mule deer and antelope bucks with me. Congrats to young Wade for scoring on the tallest antelope of the season at 16.5".

While I was still guiding deer hunters, guide Adam took my wife Kris elk hunting and she harvested her first bull. A nice 6X6. I may never hear the end of this one!

The next hunt at the TTT camp we hosted longtime clients Jeremy and Jim from OH, another Jeremy from OH, and another Jeremy and his son Levi from PA. That's all the Jeremys we can handle at one time! Jeremy #1 from OH took a great 6X6 bull with guide Adam while Jeremy #2 from OH also took a great 6X6 bull and antelope buck with guide Aaron. Jim took a great 6X6 bull with guide Bob on opening morning. Jeremy and Levi from PA each took their first mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Raoul.

Hunting out of our home camp, father and son Mike and Joe from OH each took great mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Chad. Ed from OH and Jeff from PA both took great mule deer bucks and Ed also took an antelope buck with guide Shawn.

On our next hunt at our TTT camp we hosted Steve from PA, returning clients Walter and Bill from MD, returning client Scott from MN, returning client Chris from TX, and husband and wife Tom and Linda from UT. Bill started things off with a great mule deer buck and a cow elk. Steve took his first antelope buck and Chris got a big cow elk with guide Bob. Scott took one of the best antelope of the year and a big mule deer buck with guide Adam while both Tom and Linda each harvested super antelope bucks with guide Aaron. Walter finished up the week with a great old mule deer buck in a nasty hole that required quite a pack out!

The last hunt of October at the home camp brought Mark from NY, Mike from FL, and Chris and Lorraine from TN. Mark got things underway with a great 10pt whitetail and a tremendous antelope buck with guide Aaron. Chris and Mike took it to the last day of the season and both took great old mule deer bucks with guide Chad.

The final October hunt at our TTT camp brought back returning clients Jeff and Corey from VA, long time client and friend Vic from PA, and returning clients Mike from MN and his father Randy from MT. Jeff and Corey each took great antelope bucks and cow elk with guide Ryan (Jeff is Ryan's father. No pressure!). Guide Adam and Vic were paired up again this year and Vic harvested a great antelope buck and cow elk. Mike and Randy hunted with me this year and Mike took an old mule deer buck, an antelope buck, and a cow elk. Randy also took a big cow elk.

As we moved into November, we did our last hunt at our TTT camp with 3 generations of Kris's family. My father in law Rich, brother in law RD, and 3 nephews Jake, Caleb, and Luke all from PA. RD killed a nice whitetail buck the first evening and the next day, Rich, Jake, Caleb, and Luke all killed cow elk. Thanks to guides Adam and Bob for making this a great week.

The next hunt at our home camp we hosted our longtime whitetail/cow elk/doe management crew. Carl from OR took a great whitetail buck and several doe whitetail with me. Ray from NV and Luke and Andrea from NY hunted with guide Aaron and took two nice whitetail bucks, two cow elk, and several doe deer and antelope. Bill and Carrie from NV took a cow elk and several doe deer with guide Adam. As this hunt came to an end, I got the chance to take my daughter Sydney out to our tree stand to try and harvest her first deer. With a porch full of hunters looking on from the cookhouse, I rattled in a nice little 4pt whitetail buck and she made a perfect shot. That was a very proud Dad moment for me! It's hard to believe that this crew has been coming every year for so long. They have become like family. I think this is Carl's 19th or 20th year in a row. Thanks to this crew for your continued business and support.

Our last hunt of the year included returning clients Frank from NJ and Bill from PA. I had a blast hunting with these two. Frank started it off with a great stalk on a nice whitetail buck the first morning. Bill killed a great whitetail buck the first evening with an awesome shot. Frank took a cow elk the next day and Bill took several doe whitetails.

As I close this letter, I have to thank the incredible staff that make this all possible. My wife Kris makes everything at our home camp run smoothly as well as preparing incredible meals and turning over cabins in a very short time. Our daughter Sydney helps with evening meals and cleanup after school. Our longtime cook Beto Silva from Mexico makes it all look easy preparing awesome Mexican and American meals at our Hazel Park and TTT camps. We at Triple Three Outfitters pride ourselves on having some of the best guides in the business. From their skills in the field, to their ability to give the client what they are looking for in a hunt, to jumping in to help others in camp, to making sure that the hunters have FUN, that's why are clients come back year after year. Thanks to guides Aaron Wuerker, Adam Todd, Bob Thuesen, Chad Mayfield, Raoul Moorjohn, Ryan Afman, and Shawn Sayer for a fantastic season.

We are looking forward to another great year in 2020. If you are interested in a future hunt, please contact us. We typically book out several years for our mule deer/antelope hunts and are currently booked 8-10 years on bull elk hunts. Start planning now for the future. Some of our tags require several preference points to draw.

One thing that I enjoyed most about this season was the number of young hunters that came with a parent or grandparent. These kids are the future of our sport. The excitement on their faces is priceless.

Please consider bringing a kid along on your next hunt. All high school and younger kids get a 15% discount on their hunt and youth licenses and preference points are much cheaper. Must be 12 years old by the time of your hunt in Wyoming.

To all of you who live in the Northeast, come visit with us at the show in Harrisburg PA Feb 1-9,2020

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2020!

Phil, Kris, and Sydney Rutt
Triple Three Outfitters Ltd. BG030