Archery Elk:

Eddie Martinez CA 714-715-4611
Wayne McDonnell PA 610-310-5325
Art Blanchard NJ 908-268-5617
Jim Muschinske IL 217-652-4599

Archery Antelope:

Mike Luckie TX 512-963-3901
Jake Oravetz MN 612-817-0453
Mark Hughes ND 717-770-4101

Rifle Deer and Antelope:

Devon Pearsall OR 503-569-7534
Vic Vassalluzzo PA 267-718-0958
Colin Evans WA 425-444-3265
Scott Stoltz PA 717-574-9198
Stan Brannon AL 352-260-5256
Ed Dudek PA 717-645-1359
Sam Johnson MI 912-655-6502

Rifle Elk:

Jonathan A. MS 410-507-7448
Bill Raquet PA 484-366-7457
Bruce Miller PA 570-916-8140
Aaron Welch SD 712-259-1761
Bill Dunn WA 206-228-2441

Please be aware of the time difference of the state in which you are calling.

For additional references, go to www.bowsite.com www.nexthunt.com.