Archery Elk:

Jon Hays- 530-570-2366 CA
Evan Ewald- 650-823-3200 UT
Brian Leffet- 302-540-8536 DE
Dale Jantzen- 415-699-6920 CA
Brian Blankenship- 336-465-2748 NC

Archery Antelope:

Wes Mendez- 717-344-2746 PA
Eli Hendricks- 812-201-7828 IN
Brett Carter- 404-276-2671 GA
Blake Burel- 864-378-1113 SC
Susan Stiles- 419-991-6766 OH

Rifle Deer and Antelope:

Gary Banas- 570-404-5566 PA
Keith Mallory- 252-339-0535 NC
Jim Wesson- 804-815-7677 VA
Matt Harden- 302-750-5660 DE
Andrew Pfeifle- 586-531-1152 MI
Larry Walker- 570-352-2390 PA
Paul King- 540-718-0200 VA
Dan Masciola- 412-443-0025 PA

Rifle Elk:

Gary Akers- 717-917-7940 PA
Mike Walker- 270-871-5105 KY
Mitch Engle- 205-427-7422 TX
Carl Kuwitsky- 972-523-8815 TX
Paul Holton- 603-781-4932 ME

Please be aware of the time difference of the state in which you are calling.

For additional references, go to www.bowsite.com www.nexthunt.com.