2021 Year in Review

We started off the new year in early January with longtime client Bill from WY and Chris from SD for some lion hunting. Bill harvested an old female while Chris took a nice Tom with his bow.

As spring rolled in, we started our turkey hunts. My buddy Kevin from PA came to help guide. On our first hunt we hosted Aaron from LA and Ed, Logan, and Brad from MS. The gobblers were playing the game and each took home a nice trophy, completing a few Grand Slams. Our next group was returning clients Paul from AK and John from MD. Congrats to Paul for harvesting his first gobbler.

My two buddies from PA, Tony and Jerry, came in mid May to chase birds. Both killed nice gobblers on their first day.

Summer was hot and dry in Wyoming. We enjoyed seeing all of our returning prairie dog shooters. The dogs were plentiful and the bullets flew generously! We finished out the summer with visits from friends and family and watching our daughter Sydney rodeo on her new horse Flint.

Late August bought preparations for hunting season and some early season cow elk hunters. We were ready for our first group of archery antelope hunters at our 333 camp. We hosted Brett, Dave, and David from GA and Matt from WY. Dave started things off at daylight on opening morning with a nice buck. Brett, David, and Matt connected on great bucks the next day, and we were done

On our first archery hunt at our Kaycee camp, we hosted returning clients Blake and Chris from SC, Eli and Dalton from IN, and Jon from CA. Jon took a great bull with guide Adam on his first day. Blake and Chris both took P&Y antelope bucks with guide Chad while Eli and Dalton also took P&Y antelope bucks with me.

On our next archery hunt in Kaycee, we hosted returning clients Dieter and Evan from UT and ID, and Wes and Steve from PA. Evan killed a great archery bull with guide Adam and Dieter had some very close encounters on big bulls with me. Wes and Steve each harvested nice antelope bucks and cow elk with guide Chad.

The last week of September, I traveled northwest of Cody WY for my bighorn sheep hunt. After waiting 20 years for the tag, I was fortunate to take a great ram on my first hunting day. Special thanks to guides Scott, Zach, and Kevin from 7D Ranch Outfitters for a once in a lifetime hunt!

We started off rifle season at our 333 camp with Larry, Mike, Michael and Carmen from PA, Tom and Dennis from NY and Jim from VA. Larry and Mike took great mule deer and antelope bucks with me while Tom and Dennis took great mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Justin. Father and son Carmen and Michael also took great deer and antelope bucks with guide Chad. Jim from Va took the best antelope buck of the week with guide Aaron.

On our next hunt at 333 camp, we hosted Marty from VA, Mark from MD, Paul and Keith from PA, brothers Ed and Joe from WI, and Bob and Bonnie from ID. Marty took a great mule deer buck and Mark harvested a great antelope buck with guide Chad. Paul and Keith each took great antelope bucks with guide Dawson. Brothers Ed and Joe each took great mule deer bucks with guide Justin while guide Dawson helped husband and wife Bob and Bonnie harvest two great antelope.

On our rifle elk opener in Kaycee, we hosted husband and wife Gary and Ginny from PA and returning father and son Mike and Ryan from KY. Ginny started things off with a nice 6pt with guide Adam. Gary harvested our all time biggest bull with a 400" 8X6 with me, just minutes after his wife. Mike took a good bull with guide Bob and Ryan finished out the hunt with a great 6pt with guide Aaron.

Our next hunt in Kaycee was a muddy mess, following our first big snow of the season. We hosted returning clients John and Sue from OH, Brian from PA, brothers John and Jim from NY, and returning client Mitch from TX. John and Sue each took great mule deer bucks and cow elk with guide Aaron. John took a nice bull while his brother Jim took a great antelope buck and a cow elk with me. Brian took a beautiful antelope buck and cow elk with guide Chad while Mitch took a great bull with Adam.

At the 333 camp, we hosted returning clients Larry and Dan from PA, Paul from PA and Frank from NY. Larry and Dan took great mule deer bucks with guide Shawn. Paul took both mule deer and antelope bucks and Frank harvested his first antelope buck with guide Justin.

The following hunt at 333 we had returning clients Bill and Rob from PA, Steve from NJ, and John, Jerry, and Charlie from NY. Bill and Rob each took home nice mule deer and antelope bucks with guide Chad. Steve and Jerry each took great antelope bucks with guide Justin and John and Charlie got great antelope bucks with guide Shawn.

At our Kaycee camp, we had Randy from OH, Andrew from CO, Matt and Mark from DE, and longtime client Jeremy from OH. Randy started the hunt off with a great mule deer buck with guide Adam. Jeremy took a great antelope buck with guide Bob, and Mark and Matt each took big mule deer and great antelope bucks with me.

The last October hunt at the 333 camp included Bob from TN, John from WY, and Bob and Gene from CA. Bob and Gene both took awesome antelope bucks with guide Shawn. John took an old mule deer buck with Chad and Bob finished up the hunt with a nice mule deer buck with Aaron.

On our last October hunt in Kaycee, we had longtime client Vic from PA, Mike from PA, and Scott from NE. Scott killed a great antelope buck with his pistol while Vic got a great mule deer and antelope buck with Adam. Mike took a great mule deer and antelope buck with me.

The last hunt of the season in Kaycee was a cow elk hunt. We hosted David and Matt from CA, Tom from MN, returning client Chris and James from TX. Guides Adam, Bob and myself worked hard all week and it came together on the last day of the hunt with all hunters filling their cow tags in one day. That was quite an elk packing day!

On our last hunt of the season at our 333 camp, we hosted all returning clients. This group has been coming together at our hunting camp for many years. Bill and Carrie from WY, Ray from NV, Luke, now from WY, and Carl from OR. Luke took a great whitetail buck with Adam while Ray took whitetail and antelope bucks with Aaron. Bill and Carrie filled the freezer with doe deer and antelope and Carl took whitetail and antelope bucks and several doe deer and antelope with me. We always look forward to hosting this group.

As our season came to an end, Kris and Sydney got their chance to whitetail hunt. They both made fantastic shots and got nice 8 points.

In spite of the challenges that our country has been facing, and the second year of very dry summers, our season went extremely well. The staff that we have makes these hunts seem effortless to our guests. My wife Kris and Beto keep our clients happy with fantastic meals and clean facilities with the help of our daughter Sydney. Kris's brother RD from PA also came to cook for a few hunts which was awesome! Our dear friends Donna and Brent pitched in any time we asked. Thanks to the landowners who allow us to lease their ranches and manage their game populations. We are very fortunate to have great properties to hunt. The staff of guides that we have are second to none. Kris and I could not do what we do without great guides. Special thanks to guides Aaron Wuerker, Adam Todd, Bob Thuesen, Chad Mayfield, Dawson Powers, Justin Christensen, and Shawn Sayer for all of your hard work and commitment to our team. We also want to thank the "guide wives" for allowing these guys to come play all fall.

Looking at 2022, we are excited to see our returning clients as well as meet our new ones. If you are thinking of a future Wyoming hunt, please reach out as we generally book a few years out. All of our deer and antelope units are currently taking 1-2 preference points to draw the regular tags. Our elk units take 4-7 to draw depending on area. If you have questions about the preference point system, give me a call.

May you all have a happy and healthy 2022!

Phil, Kris, and Sydney Rutt
Triple Three Outfitters LTD