Archery Deer

September 1-30 (4-5 day hunt)

Triple Three Outfitters

If you have dreamed of coming to Wyoming to spot and stalk mule deer, Triple Three Outfitters has the hunt for you. We will glass bucks at first light and once they bed for the day, the stalk is on! Not every stalk results in a shot but it is very rewarding when it all comes together. In September, the mule deer bucks are hitting the alfalfa fields as well. We set up blinds to intercept bucks coming and going from the fields. This is a great way to see a lot of deer.

Triple Three Outfitters Antelope Hunt

Our Wyoming Whitetail deer populations are exploding. All of the ranches that we lease now have Whitetails. Tree stands and ground blinds in and along creek bottoms are our preferred method of bow hunting Whitetails. We will also use ground blinds near alfalfa fields. We encourage our whitetail hunters to purchase whitetail doe tags as well to help control our population and take home some extra meat.

Triple Three Outfitters hunt deer in Region C and Region Y.