Booking Information

To book a hunt with Triple Three Outfitters Ltd. a 1/3 deposit is required via a personal check or money order. Hunt dates will not be held without a deposit. When I receive your deposit, a hunt contract will be sent to you with a license application and instructions. Your hunt contract will include your hunt dates and payment schedule. Final payments for all hunts are due 30 days prior to your hunt date.

Deadline for elk license applications is January 31. Deadline for deer and antelope license applications is May 31. I will apply for your licenses online to ensure they are correct and on time. If a hunter fails to draw a license for their primary game animal, I will refund 100% of your deposit monies within 60 days. If a hunter wishes, their deposit can be moved to the next year if they fail to draw a license.

Once you book your hunt, your deposit is considered Non-Refundable unless you do not draw your license.

If due to illness or family emergency you have to cancel your hunt, we may be able to transfer your deposit to the following year. We strongly advise you to purchase trip insurance.

Thank you for considering Triple Three Outfitters Ltd. for your future hunt. We take pride in our staff and properties and look forward to showing you a hunt of a lifetime.

Phil Rutt
Triple Three Outfitters Ltd.